Investing in Leaders

ADK Search Partners

ADK Search Partners invests in high potential search fund entrepreneurs. We commit our time and capital to a limited number of outstanding searchers.

It's All About the People.


ADK Search Partners looks to back entrepreneurs that we can learn from and with. We like working with people we like. While Stanford MBAs are the core of our focus, we selectively consider MBAs from Harvard, Kellogg, and other top business programs.


We look for individuals that have the desire and ability to thrive in the CEO role. Leadership, emotional intelligence, vision, and grit are among the characteristics that we believe determine whether a searcher will succeed. Along with luck and great partners.

About Us

David Kidd began ADK Search Partners as a vehicle to invest his own capital in search funds and partner with search fund entrepreneurs. He finds working with searchers incredibly rewarding.

David founded Adirondack Growth Capital as a search fund in early 2009. After a two-year search, he partnered with Matt Estep to acquire Midwest Supplies, an e-commerce provider of homebrewing and winemaking supplies. Together David and Matt grew Midwest by over 30% annually and generated an 85.2% IRR.

David subsequently conducted a solo, self-funded search that culminated with the acquisition of Nova Flex LED. After four years as President, he transitioned to the Chairman role. No outside capital was used to acquire the company.

Why ADK?

David's most valuable investors were former searchers, followed closely by individuals that accumulated capital by operating their own companies. As someone who has succeeded in both of these roles, David strives to be the most value-added investor to his searchers during the search and acquisition phases.

If you are looking to raise a search fund, and meet our criteria, please contact us.